Feng Shui Tips - The Front Entrance

In Feng Shui your front door is very important.  It is the first thing a visitor sees.  It is the mouth of Chi (energy). The mouth of Chi is where the energy enters to bring blessings to those inside.

What does your front entrance say about you? Go outside and look at your front door with fresh eyes.  Are there cob webs? Does the doorbell work? Does the door stick?  Does anything need to be fixed?  Do you have a welcome mat? Do you use your front entrance at all?

Many things can be done to create a bright, welcoming entrance.  Start with clearing away dust and debris then add something red like flowers, plants, or a welcome mat. 

Sound is also a good way to enhance the entrance.  Add a wind chime, bells on the door knob or in a wreath so every time you open the door, the sound welcomes positive energy into your home.

Even a few changes will enhance the energy of your home. Happy Spring!!!

What is Feng Shui?  The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind (feng) and water (shui).  This ancient Chinese system dates back thousands of years. It is based on the principle of energy (qi or ch’i) flow.  The premise is that everything in your home (or office) is affected by the energy flow of the space. By harmonizing the flow of chi you will have more balance in your life.

Linda Goldsher